Where are they now?

We’ve had some great students over the years. Here is some information about what they are doing since graduation.

Name: Annie Lockwood
Website: http://annielockwoodstudios.com
Graduated from Milton High School: 2008
Annie Lockwood is currently residing in Atlanta, GA pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. She works at the Apparel Mart in a showroom while working as a freelance film production assistant, background actor, radio personality and stand up comedian. You can see her perform stand up at The Laughing Skull Lounge open mic nights. Annie graduated from Samford University in 2012 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Film. While attending Samford, she interned with Alabama Public Television and operated camera on the show “We Have Signal”. For four years, Annie also co-hosted the radio show “Our House” on WERC in Birmingham, AL where she interviewed home improvement pro’s such as Norm Abrams from This Old House and Paige Hemmis from Extreme Make Over Home Edition to an audience of 60,000.
Name: Spencer Wan
Website: http://hotaruarc.tumblr.com
Graduated from Milton High School: 2011
Right now I’m working for Animation Domination High-Def as a traditional animator. I’ve also freelanced for a couple other studios and been offered work in Japan. I’m proud to say I’ve been living off my work for a full year now.


Name: Arianna Mantas
Graduated from Milton High School: 2013
Currently I’m a first year student at UGA looking at pursuing a major in book arts and printmaking. Lately I’ve been working on art built on destruction. Using trash components and elements of disregard I’ve been constructing growth from items that usually have a connotation of decay. My exploration with trash stems from thoughts of the things that anchor us down and trying to make peace with what you choose to let have power over you. I began to see in my life that these very small, trivial, insignificant things had so much potential to bring me upset. Through creating art with what’s always been there, I’ve learned to re-appropriate re-appropriate re-appropriate re-appropriate investment of energy that I put into my art, surroundings, and people that pass into my life. Trash as a medium is very comforting because it’s a part of life that people see as exactly what it is; worthless, trash, irrelevant, pieces of life that are intended to be left behind. As humans we often get into this pattern of behavior to use things, get what we want from them, and then move forward. While this is a valid and factual part of life it’s just as honest to look at how sometimes our behavior towards our material possessions can bleed into our treatment of other people. With this in mind, I’ve been using trash to explore my frustrations and confusion with life’s events on the platform of the microcosm within my art and life.
Name: Brian Traynor
Website: http://monstertraynor.tumblr.com
Graduated from Milton High School: 2009
I completed my SCAD undergraduate degree in 2013. I’m currently working on a graphic novel for the comic-book publisher, ONI-press (you may know of them for the Scott Pilgrim series, Ghost World, Crogans, Play Ball, and many others). I’m doing other intermittent comics-related pinups and short stories for the Dark-Horse and Monkey Brain publishers respectively, nothing that has been published yet though, that type of work is mostly to get your foot in the door. I’ve also been asked by a marvel talent-scout to complete test-work for their company (which I have yet to do). In my downtime between comic pages, I take freelance commissions to pay the bills. I’ve also been solicited to submit web-cartoon pitches by the Nickelodeon division of their parent company, Viacom (but I can hardly mention it because of an agreement I signed), think along the lines of shows such as Bravest Warriors or Bee and Puppycat. And that’s been my year since graduating.
Name: Jessica Christianson
Graduate from Milton High School: 2010
Graduating with a BSN in Nursing! I’m applying for jobs in oncology, labor and delivery, and Neonatal Intensive Care units. I still paint and sell artwork on the side when I have time.
Name: Sam Bond
Website: http://sambondillustration.com
Graduated from Milton High School: 2010
I started at UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art thinking I’d be going into Drawing and Painting. Then, I thought it would be graphic design. Then printmaking. But somehow, within my first year of art courses, I managed to stumble into the major that would become my life’s passion: scientific illustration. I received the Betty Cabin Memorial Scholarship in Scientific Illustration last year, and was just recently accepted into my dream graduate school, the University of Illinois at Chicago, for Biomedical Visualization. I couldn’t be more excited! Yay!
 Name: Brittany Bass Turner
Website: http://brittbass.com
Graduated from Milton High School: 2007
I graduated form UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art in 2011 with a degree in Art Education with Painting emphasis. I’ve been developing my work since then and now have my own business painting full time- yay! I live in Atlanta and have a studio at the Goat Farm; feel free to stop by! My work is based on process and intuition and the juxtaposition of color and texture. I currently exhibit in several galleries including Atlanta’s Gregg Irby Fine Art.




If you are a former student of the Milton High School Visual Arts Department and would like to share information about what you are doing now, please fill out the form below.


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